Stand-up paddling

Stand-up paddling – anyone can do it! Don’t believe us? Let’s give it a go!

You needn’t be a sports ace to benefit from this fringe programme. A board, a paddle, a little balance and you’re good to go. If finding your ‘sea legs’ proves tricky at first, start on your knees or in a seated position. In time, you too will summon the courage to stand up. The worst thing that can happen is that you get wet.

Your seminar participants are sure to find this active, fun yet relaxing fringe programme on the lake inspiring. Standing upright – falling over – getting up again – having fun. Whether in business life or for leisure – the on-trend sport of stand-up paddling is an exhilarating experience.

Fringe programmes in Davos

Davos offers a multitude of fringe programme options. Opt for mountain and/or lake-based sports activities, fine beers and culinary delicacies during a brewery visit or a fact-packed guided tour of the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research. Whichever you choose, your seminar participants can look forward to a welcome change of clear Alpine air beyond the conference room.

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