Tour the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

The Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research – in short, SLF – has its headquarters in Davos Dorf. Research is at the forefront of the institute’s activities. Every time an avalanche occurs, it is registered here. During the winter months from November to May, the SLF also issues a twice-daily avalanche bulletin.

How does an avalanche alarm system work? What are the institute’s other fields of research? The exhibition on snow, natural hazards and Alpine eco-systems gives visitors a fascinating glimpse into living and dealing with natural risks.

On a guided tour of the laboratories and facilities, participants can learn all kinds of interesting facts about the work of the SLF researchers.

Fringe programmes in Davos

Davos offers a multitude of fringe programme options. Opt for mountain and/or lake-based sports activities, fine beers and culinary delicacies during a brewery visit or a fact-packed guided tour of the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research. Whichever you choose, your seminar participants can look forward to a welcome change of clear Alpine air beyond the conference room.

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